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All Energy Solutions under one Roof

Upgrade and Save Your Money & Energy

On a Mission to make Victoria's 6.7+ Million Families Ecological

Free Upgrades For Victorian
Homes And Businesses

Green Upgrades offers clean energy products that help the environment and reduce your electricity bills under the Victorian Energy Upgrades program (VEU).Free upgrades available in Victoria includes LED lights, Energy monitor and Heat pump.

100,000 +

Tonnes of Carbon Saved

50,000 +

Products Installed

10,000 +


Free Upgrades

Free Led Residential

We strive to furnish our clients with cost-effective energy-saving products to light up their homes.

Free Led Commercial

Our LED shop lights are the best choice to illuminate your workplaces.

Free In Home Display

Our In-Home Display helps monitor your usage of all electric household appliances by connecting directly to your smart electricity meter which sends data to your phone.

Free Heat Pump

Upgrade your hot water with our energy-efficient heat pump that gives out Steaming Hot Water.

Our Services

We Turn On Ideas To Shine Environment

Residential & Commercial LED upgrades

Solar Power

Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and instantly reduce your power bills. We install solar power for homes and businesses.

Battery Storage

Battery energy storage systems work by converting the DC energy being produced by your solar panels and storing it as AC power. It can act as a generation, transmission or distribution asset.

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